Into The Enigma, LLC is a live action escape room game, immersing you into a real life environment and giving you challenging puzzles, riddles, and games to help you escape.

Detective Hudson, your guide at Into The Enigma, is a tenured private investigator with many years of experience. While on a case, he discovered an alternate reality he calls “the enigma”. Other than it being an alternate reality, the odd thing about the enigma is that Hudson has never been able to stay in the enigma for more than 60 minutes at a time. He is also unable to reenter a part of the enigma that he has been to in the past. Because of this, Detective Hudson needs your help to solve mysteries that he has been unable to solve in the past.

We will bring you into the enigma, can you find your way out?

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about us

Into the Enigma is an Escape room that was formed in Orleans county in 2016. We are in Medina NY, which puts us geographically right between Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY. We are the First Escape room in Orleans county, and the only Escape room in Medina. Our Escape rooms provide a unique and interesting adventure for everyone where you will need to think your way through our puzzles, riddles, and games. Whether you are new to Escape rooms or an Escape room veteran we have a room for you!


What are your hours?

We are by appointment, with some set hours available, but if you are looking for another time, call us and we will work with you.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is $20 for Adults (18+) and $15 for Teens (Under 18).

How big of a group can I bring?

We require at least 3 people in a group. The max really depends on the room, although there is some wiggle room, as long as you're really comfortable with the people you're with. For large groups we recommend you break down into smaller groups and race each other against the clock.

How long does it take?

We require that you get there 10 minutes in advance, so we can go over rules and have everyone use the restroom in advance. We allow 60 minutes to escape. If your group doesn’t escape, we will go over what you missed. We also take a group photo at the end.

Are kids allowed? If so, what ages is this appropriate for?

We are kid friendly, and we recommend ages 8 and up. As long as you are engage with them, they will be able to do some things, such as searching the room, and helping to solve puzzles.

How hard is it? I’m afraid it might be too hard for me.

All of our puzzles are able to be solved with the clues provided in the room. The difficulty is listed on the room here

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us! We are also just a phone call away.

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525 Main Street
Medina, NY 14103
(585) 542-9980